Commercial Carpet Cleaning


Your Satisfaction is our Priority

 Your facility and/or property is important to you, and at Len's Cleaning & Restoration we understand that one key to successful results lies in the good health of you and your employees. Wherever people gather in large numbers, professional carpet, upholstery, and floor cleaning are needed. It adds a positive outlook to you and your employees when you come to work every day to a clean, disinfected place of business. 

We offer Lansing high quality commercial carpet cleaning with our well trained technicians in a cost effective manner. When your clients and partners visit your business, you'll have a professional and pristine image. 


Cleaning Method

 We utilize a Hot Water Extraction Method ("steam cleaning") that delivers cleaning solutions to the cleaning tool, then extracts the cleaning solution and any dirt & residue with a truck-powered vacuum system. This system has been recognized for its superior cleaning results obtained by the flushing or rinsing ability.

Steam cleaning is recognized by most professionals, carpet manufacturers, and fiber producers as today's preferred method for the most efficient soil removal. Present state-of-the-art equipment enables high rates of production and less residue, provided proper chemicals are used. 


Carpet & Fabric Protector

 Your business gets lots of foot traffic – 

With our Scotchgard™ Protector, you can give your carpet and furniture the ability to withstand wear & soil, while maintaining it's appearance and longevity. 

See the Difference


 We offer complimentary Estimates and Cleanability Tests at no cost before scheduling your cleaning.  

We also offer personalized Maintenance Programs tailored to the needs of your business and facility, to keep a clean and healthy work environment throughout the year.

Simply contact our office to schedule!