Carpet Cleaning

Serving Lansing for over 25 years...

We offer a powerful extraction method that restores pile and brings new life back to carpets. Carpet Cleaning reduces the rate of re-soiling while the life of your carpet is extended because all the abrasive soil is removed. 

We move most furniture when requested, clean underneath it, and then put it back into place on tabs and blocks.

Following cleaning, most carpets are groomed, which allows them to dry faster while distributing the optional carpet protector more evenly. The truck-mounted steam cleaning method that we employ is one that most carpet manufacturers require in maintaining the carpet’s warranty.  

Carpet & Fabric Protector


When Life Happens, We're Ready.

Your home is full of things that have to stand up to everyday living – and still make you proud. With our range of Scotchgard™ Protectors and Cleaners, you can protect your carpet, furniture, and any fabric that’s got an important job to do. 

Why Use Protector?

1.  Protects Carpet and Upholstery by “wicking” all the way to the backing, enveloping and protecting the entire length of each fiber, not just the top.

2.   Makes Carpet & Upholstery last longer. Fibers treated with protectors have a 60% longer service life than those untreated. 

3.   Provides wear and abrasive resistance -  Carpet & Fabric Protector is like what wax is to hard floors.

4.  Expect more soil removal during vacuuming, as soil finds it difficult to cling to protected fibers. 

5.   Will not change hue, color or "feel" of the fabric.

9.   Will increase drying time when applied to carpet  that has just been cleaned.