Spot & Spill Warranty

We've Got You Covered!

We've Got You Covered!

Our “Spot and Spill Warranty” is offered to every Residential Client who simply schedules a cleaning and has Protector applied to your carpeting or upholstery.

It's that simple!

Our “Spot and Spill” Limited Warranty lasts 12 Full months –

What is the "Protector"?
Our Scotchguard Carpet Protector is applied to cleaned carpets and upon drying, it forms an invisible shield around each fiber that resists soils and stains. Carpets treated with Teflon Advanced will look newer longer by causing spilled liquids to “bead” on top of the carpeting making clean-up easy and reducing stains. Safe for use on most carpet and upholstery, even those with built-in soil and stain resistance.