Maintenance Programs


Protect the appearance & health of your work environment

Protect the appearance & health of your work environment

Keep your work environment clean & healthy on a regular basis with our customized Maintenance Programs.  Choose your own services and timeline, and count on us all year!

Carpet , Hard Floors, Furniture, Entrance Mats - Our Maintenance Programs not only protect your investment, but also create a positive impression of your business to your customers, your employees, and the general public. 

A "Maintenance Cleaning Program" is a well-planned, ongoing process of soil and stain removal that carpet and hard surfaces retain, affecting the original appearance and performance attributes over time. Regular maintenance with a Len’s Maintenance Cleaning Program is a critical part of your building maintenance.

Our Maintenance Programs are specifically designed to give you peace of mind, a positive experience, and a clean working environment. Most importantly, Len’s Maintenance Cleaning Programs protect your investment at the same time giving you an affordable price!