Carpet Cleaning


Your facility and/or property is important to you, and at Len's Cleaning & Restoration we understand that one key to successful results lies in the good health of you and your employees. Wherever people gather in large numbers, professional carpet, upholstery, and floor cleaning are needed. It adds a positive outlook to you and your employees when you come to work every day to a clean, disinfected place of business. Len's Cleaning & Restoration offers your business high quality commercial cleaning with our well trained technicians in a cost effective manner. When your clients and partners visit your business, you'll have a professional and pristine image.

Hot Water Extraction

Hot Water Extraction

Steam Cleaning

The term steam cleaning is derived from the original concept of the equipment first utilized in the steam extraction process. Solution pressures were created by large steam generators that relied upon steam pressure to deliver cleaning solutions to the cleaning tool. A crude vacuum system was used for recovering cleaning solution. This system was quickly recognized for its superior cleaning results obtained by the flushing or rinsing ability. Equipment manufacturers soon made drastic improvements utilizing high-pressure pumps to deliver cleaning solutions to the cleaning tool and more efficient vacuum systems. The vacuum efficiency of steam traction units is a combination of both airflow and lift.

Steam cleaning is recognized by most professionals, carpet manufacturers, and fiber producers as today's preferred method for the most efficient soil removal. Present state-of-the-art equipment enables high rates of production and less residue, provided proper chemicals are used.

The dry cleaning system is a relatively fast system enabling the operator to cover large areas quickly. It is also relatively fast drying. Some cleaning solutions contain soil retardants or fluorocarbons to increase vacuuming efficiency. Minimal operator skill is required. An excellent system for maintenance programs when used periodically in conjunction with more thorough methods.

The dry cleaning system is not noted for heavy soil removal. There is no rinsing action. It does not provide deep cleaning action. Used absorbent pads require laundering between jobs.